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My driving, how is it.

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◇ VI. (event; erased)

Andraste's flaming sword, even my dog is snubbing me. Acts like he never imprinted on me, the cheeky little bastard.

[The aforementioned dog can be heard growling; he sounds very unhappy, of course.]

Yes, yes, I'm not really your master, I know, I get it. [GROAN.] That's the last time I take my mother's advice.

[Filtered to Kirkwallers]

[For a few seconds, Hawke breathes into the phone like a creepy creeper is silent, unsure of what she wants to say. She already knows that they won't know it's actually her, and as far as she can tell, there's no convincing them otherwise, however tempting it is to try.

And that isn't much comfort at all. She was fine with being forgotten, but not while she was still around - this just hurts.

She sighs wearily.]

It really is me, you know. Just - thought I'd throw that out there.

...I'm sorry. [Annnd click.]

[ACTION; downtown Mayfield]

[Hawke doesn't really have a destination in mind when she leaves the house. She just wants to walk, feel the cold air against her face, and maybe hope that she'll be lucky enough to run into an answer.

Instead, she finds herself standing in front of the pet store, staring at the kittens in the window. She'd intended to get one for Anders, just because, and Christmas seemed like a good enough time for it, cultural differences or no. But there's little point in that now - not when she isn't even certain if he would accept the gift, however adorable it might be.]

...I really hate cats.

[For all her grumbling about it, though, she eventually does walk inside to get a closer look at the kitties.]

◇ V. (bombfield; action)
champions don't pout
[Marian is not asleep when the Mayfield is destroyed, as she's been going back and forth between listening in on phone calls and wandering around the neighborhood, keeping her eyes and ears out for any new developments. So when the town is obliterated, the drones killed, and her clothing and weapons taken away from her, well. That's one hell of a development, right there.

The first thing she does is whistle for her dog. Naturally, the mabari does not come. Was he killed like the drones, or is he gone with the rest of her regains? It's hard to say, and she franky doesn't have time to think about it.

Immediately, she thinks of Bethany - her poor little sister, only recently introduced to the town, already subjected to this. And completely defenseless, most likely. Well, nothing else to do but find her.

So, after gathering a few things - whatever warm-ish clothing she can find amidst the rubble and a couple of damaged kitchen knives - she heads for 918 Bilko Boulevard. She can look for Anders after she finds Bethany and Fenris, she thinks. Anyone is free to run into her along the way, of course, provided you can get her attention. Hawke's pretty dead set on finding her sister, but she's not one to ignore someone in need, either.]

◇ IV. (event; backdated to day 6)
bur bur kek
[Like so many other residents of Mayfield, Hawke has also mysteriously returned from the dead! She rises from her coffin, stretches her arms, and yawns.]

Hmm. I suppose I've hard worse nights. Very well, then, I'd better get down to business. [she clears her throat] Raaaaaaah...

[That's right, it's stalking time. B| Her main stops are 725 Anderson Lane and 918 Bilko Boulevard, to check on Anders and Fenris. They or their housemates may find her peeking through the windows, or catch her while she simply lets herself in through the front door. Anyone else, of course, is welcome to bump into her along the way.]

◇ III.
champions don't pout
[PHONE; unfiltered]

Ooh, abominations! And just as I was starting to get bored of it here. Excellent timing. Thank you kindly, Mayfield; this ought to keep me satisfied for a day or two... So, anyone care for a round of killing things? If a headshot is all it takes to take them down for good, it ought to be fun. Fenris? [a beat] Anders, too. It'll be like old times!

Anyone who isn't interested, I suggest you stay inside, board up the windows, whatever you can do to keep the big uglies out. I'm also taking requests for daring rescues!

[ACTION; Beaver Street or wherever]

[Alternatively, you can find Hawke outside, killing zombies with a pair of kitchen knives in her hands and her faithful mabari by her side. For the most part, she's sticking to Beaver Street, if just so she can keep her house safe and have somewhere to crash if she gets tired later. It's all business as usual until she bumps into her "husband," the zombie!drone formerly known as Varric Tethras.

For anyone observing, it takes her longer than usual to kill this one -- she's hesitating, because killing a zombie in the image of your best bro is difficult, even for the Champion of Kirkwall. Hawke does eventually give in and take him out, destroying the brain.

She just... stares down at his corpse somberly while her dog whines and licks her hand.]

It's all right, boy. That wasn't really him. [woof!] Come along, then; there's work yet to be done.

◇ II.
[Phone; unfiltered]

You know, Varric making breakfast in bed for me last month was odd, but being ordered to kill one another -- for fabulous prizes, no less! That was another thing entirely. Is it safe to assume that the murder and violence is commonplace around here? ...Why, it'll be like I never left home.

Regardless, it was very thoughtful of our captors to reward me for my efforts... or lack thereof, I suppose.

[When Hawke pauses, you can hear a dog barking happily in the background.]

You're the very best gift a girl could ask for, aren't you, boy? [More barking!] Yes you are!

[Action; wherever]

[Hawke is taking her puppy for a stroll around town! They could be jogging around town, playing fetch at the park, or maybe the dog is pissing on the tree in your front yard. One might also notice that she is perfectly capable of carrying a conversation on with the mabari; he seems to understand every word his master says to him.]

◇ I.
um okay
[A: Action; around town]

[And here Hawke thought her excellent adventures were over! The whole ordeal with the mages and templars had been... well, not exactly resolved, -- but she had done her part and fully intended to drift away and separate herself from all that business.

Waking up in a house that was not her own, next to her favorite dwarven storyteller, in a very, very strange city -- this was not what she'd had in mind.

After waking up next to her bro Varric and being thorougly confused, Hawke eventually comes across one of Dist's pamphlets and... well, that really doesn't help the whole confusion problem. Irritated with this state of affairs, she retrieves a pair of knives from the kitchen and sets about exploring the town in search of some information. She looks highly uncomfortable in her new attire: skirts and blouses, clothing she's not accustomed to wearing. It's clear that she misses her armor greatly.

Approach the lost and confused Champion?]

[B: Phone; Unfiltered]

[There's the sound of someone tapping the receiver... and then, finally, an actual voice, although distant:]

Andraste's ass, what is it this time?

[More tapping, and then a clatter; she's given up on the phone and left it sitting on the table. Sigh.]

Lovely. How are you going to Champion yourself out of this one, Hawke?

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the bamf of kirkwall
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