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the bamf of kirkwall
Name: Ally
Personal LJ: littlethousand
Contact Info: AIM: little thousands; plurk
Other Characters Played: Miakis

Character Name: Marian Hawke
Character Series: Dragon Age
Character Age: This goes unmentioned, but she's speculated to be around 30 or 31 at the end of the game.
Background: I'm taking her from just after the final battle~

"Hawke this, Hawke that. Why does everything fall to me?"

Like many vidya gaem protagonists, Marian Hawke is a very charismatic woman who attracts the attention of people of all shapes and sizes. This is a good thing as much as it is a bad thing, of course: Sometimes these people want her help, sometimes they want to help her, and sometimes they just want her dead. These are all perfectly logical reactions to the base aspects of her personality. She can be frustratingly crass and wholly inappropriate, but despite all that, Hawke is, at her core, a good person with good intentions. She cares deeply for her friends and family and she'll do anything to protect them, and she always strives to do what she believes is the right thing. She likes helping people, and while it gets irritating that seemingly everyone in Kirkwall needs her for something or other, she'll rarely turn down a cry for assistance. Knowing that she was able to help, rather than having people go without it (or, worse, turn to other seedy individuals instead of her), helps her rest easier.

The Champion of Kirkwall puts up an aura of being incredibly laid-back and easygoing. She is friendly, for the most part, and rather charming in her own right. She's a smartass, one especially fond of making sarcastic remarks, and she never seems to take much of anything seriously. Over the years, she's learned that acting like this causes people to underestimate her -- and when attempts on her life are made damn near every day, surviving is made much easier when her attackers are surprised by her strength, both physical and in character.

Her easy humor and general quirkiness is also something of an act, a defense mechanism to hide behind so she doesn't have to show her emotions. Being the oldest sibling, as well as the "man of the house" following the death of her father, she sees herself as a pillar of strength for her mother and younger siblings, and she feels that she needs to be strong for them. This goes for her companions as well, and even the residents of Kirkwall to an extent; she is the Champion, and the leader of her merry little band of misfits, and she feels like she can't be vulnerable around them, either. Despite this, she does open up on occasion to the people closest to her, but even then, it takes a bit of effort.

On the topic of family, Hawke is protective as all hell of hers. And this doesn't just apply to the other Hawkes -- her traveling companions are a part of this, too. After her father dying, Carver being killed by darkspawn, losing Bethany to the Grey Wardens, and her mother being murdered by a serial killer, Hawke becomes especially attached to her friends. This makes her offer to let Anders move in with her especially poignant; there is a small part of her that simply does not wish to be alone in that big fancy mansion of hers.

Hawke is driven by a very simple set of ethics; she strives to protect her loved ones, help people who can't help themselves, and right any wrongs she might come across. This becomes less simple and much more complicated when you become the Champion of Kirkwall, however. Making major decisions when you're the Champion of Kirkwall, a person everyone knows, is very difficult, she's found. Even more difficult when you have to make those decisions about your friends. When she has to choose between giving the Qunari relic to Isabela to save her life or returning it to its rightful owners, Hawke gives it to her companion -- and risks dueling with the Arishok to force his people out of the city. When Anders blows up the Chantry, killing hundreds of innocent people, she grudgingly allows him to live, even when doing so causes Sebastian to abandon her and declare war on them. When she's forced to pick a side between the templars and the mages, it does seem very tempting to side with the the templars, especially after the Chantry exploding incident, but Hawke, having loved so many mages in her life (her father, her sister, Anders, Merrill), inevitably allies herself with the mages, despite the fact that they seem like the losing side. Had it been anyone but her loved ones that were involved in these situations, she might have chosen differently. This, naturally, speaks volumes for her loyalty.

Abilities: Hawke is a dual-wielding rogue, an average human being with no spooky magical powers to regain.


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