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My driving, how is it.

Anon on, comments screened.

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(Deleted comment)
Hawke will only hurt him in self-defense, so as long as he doesn't attack her, Lambo should be safe. :B Shenanigans would be fun, though!

Okuu seems to have accidentally your mafioso with a baseball bat. Terribly sorry!

Now this hell raven's coming after Marian, though she's not exactly the brightest bulb in the box (deception is easy, though Okuu thinks and responds to things like an animal would, rather than a human). She is kind of freaking out now over her lack of wings, though, and will be pretty aggressive and hostile and will actively seek Marian out.

Utsuho has regained her arm cannon, though at not-quite-half-power; it can fire very hot lasers and fireballs but not miniature stars or gravityhax.

However, she's not very fast. Her speed stat is the SLOWEST in the fighting games, and she's still got a mostly squishy human form. She's a Mightly Glacier made of rotten ice at the moment. She hits hard, just...has to get over there first.

How would you like to proceed?

Oh dear. |D Hawke hasn't killed her target yet, so she doesn't have any regains -- but she's pretty much a normal human being anyway. She is very fast, though, and she won't hesitate to strike back if Okuu attacks her first. The only weapons she'll have will be things she can get around town, though; kitchen knives and the like. And I'm totally okay with her getting offed, if it comes to that!

If/when Okuu finds her house (she's at least figured out how to successfully pester the drones) she will be very subtle about getting in!

...meaning blowing the door up with fire |D SO Hawke would have advance warning from that. Additionally, because Utsuho's so stupidly tall the interior of the house would acutually be a hindrance; smacking her forehead on doorframes, not enough room to swing the arm cannon around and so on. If she survives long enough she'd probably try to get right back outside again.

How do you want to do this?

orz orz sorry for taking so long to respond, it's been a long week ;;

ANYWAY. If Okuu does find the house and break in, Hawke has half her castmates staying with her, so you may end up a little outnumbered. |D Hawke won't want them getting hurt, though, so she'll try and end the fight as quickly as possible. Buuut she's also being affected by not going through with her kill -- making her paranoid about her friends' safety -- so that will distract her a good deal, I think.

If you want to thread this out, I can throw up a post somewhere, or we can just decide the outcome and handwave it... I'm fine with whatever!

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