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◇ V. (bombfield; action)
champions don't pout
[Marian is not asleep when the Mayfield is destroyed, as she's been going back and forth between listening in on phone calls and wandering around the neighborhood, keeping her eyes and ears out for any new developments. So when the town is obliterated, the drones killed, and her clothing and weapons taken away from her, well. That's one hell of a development, right there.

The first thing she does is whistle for her dog. Naturally, the mabari does not come. Was he killed like the drones, or is he gone with the rest of her regains? It's hard to say, and she franky doesn't have time to think about it.

Immediately, she thinks of Bethany - her poor little sister, only recently introduced to the town, already subjected to this. And completely defenseless, most likely. Well, nothing else to do but find her.

So, after gathering a few things - whatever warm-ish clothing she can find amidst the rubble and a couple of damaged kitchen knives - she heads for 918 Bilko Boulevard. She can look for Anders after she finds Bethany and Fenris, she thinks. Anyone is free to run into her along the way, of course, provided you can get her attention. Hawke's pretty dead set on finding her sister, but she's not one to ignore someone in need, either.]

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(Deleted comment)

[Marian smiles crookedly at the girl, not wanting to scare her off in case she's skittish.]

You live here? With Bethany and Fenris? Or did I get the address wrong? That would be awfully embarrassing.

(Deleted comment)
Awkward situation averted, then. Excellent!

I'm Hawke - and yes, I know them. An old friend and my little sister. [She glances around, still searching for them.] Are they nearby?

(Deleted comment)
Pleasure's all mine. [She grins, amused by "the other Hawke-san" and pleased that Fenris has been keeping her sister safe.] Does he, now? That's good to hear.

But they're both safe? Thank the Maker. [Relief washes over her. And, because she just can't keep her nose out of other people's business:] What of you? Is there anything I can do for you?

[Broom handles are a viable weapon? Brilliant. He'll make do. After the initial surge of "what happened here" and "where is my magic", there is only one option left to the bewildered, magic-less, mage.]

[Locate the others.]

[He's on his way to Hawke's now, in fact, looking for her in the process.]

[Hawke is focused on her current goal, but not so much that she completely ignores Anders. In fact, she stops running as soon as she sees him, looking both surprised and relieved.]

Well, that's convenient. [grin] Are you all right?

Convenient. Right.

[It's an incredible relief to see Hawke intact -- magic or no. He takes a look around, then shakes his head.]

How can anyone be all right? What's happened?

I was looking for you - well, kind of - and here you are! So yes, convenient.

I can't say I know for sure, but... [She points skyward, at the strange orange cloud in the horizon.] That likely has something to do with it.

[He follows her pointing, and, sadly enough, his first response is, quite literally...]

[I didn't do it.]

[But, fortunately, he keeps that one to himself.]

Andraste's tits, what... is that?

I was hoping you would know, being something of an authority on the subject...

[Unlike Anders, she just doesn't have the grace to keep it to herself. :'| To her credit, she coughs and looks a little sheepish.]

--Sorry. [Hawkeward moment is awkward.] Whatever that thing is, I need to find Bethany. And with any luck, her darling husband won't be too far.

[Something in his jaw tightens when she says that, but he doesn't otherwise comment. Instead, he says:]

It's not any magic I've ever seen, Hawke. In any shape, or form.

[He'll let that Hawkeward moment sit. Before looking at her.]

Your sister? She's here as well?

Just like everything else about this place, I suppose. Oh, Mayfield, you never fail to surprise me.

[She sighs, hating that this place has the power to make her feel so lost. Dragging her sister into things only makes that feeling even worse.]

She only arrived days ago. And she's... [She grimaces.] The last thing she remembers is getting sick. In the Deep Roads, eight blighted years ago.

[His expression softens a little, at that. He reaches over to put a hand on her shoulder. You know. All comforting-like.]

Hopefully, it won't for much longer. How long can we possibly be kept here?

[And then that look gets shot right to the Void.]

She... She's what? How can that...?

Whoever brought her here has a worse sense of humor than me. And that's really saying something.

[Siiiigh. She appreciates the sentiment, Anders; it's a small comfort. A very small one.]

At least she doesn't hate me for the Grey Warden business. Not yet, anyway.

Really saying something.

[He's trying. It's not easy when you don't have any idea what to say.]

Then... she'll be like me. Completely cut off from her magic... and in times like this... Maker. That's a mess just waiting to happen.

Oh, you don't mean that. [She musters a little smirk.] You think I'm witty and charming.

You'd understand that far better than I. [She just shakes her head.] So you see why I need to find her. Quickly would be best.

... There is that.

[His own little smirk is half-hearted, at best.]

I'm with you. Magic may be gone, but you don't run a clinic without picking up some decent, mundane, first-aid.

A broomstick, some broken knives, and a few bandages... We make a great team, you and I.

They've married Beth off to Fenris - a lovely touch to the town's little joke, don't you think? - so they shouldn't be too hard to find. I don't know what's out there, so-- [awkward pause] Just stay close.

That, and your wit and charm.

[Oh he actually chokes a little at that.]

And her head is still attached to her shoulders...? [But that's not important. He nods to her.] Just like old times, then?

Ah, now you're catching on. They're my most powerful weapons, after all.

[She says that very dryly. Her tone perks up a bit when she speaks again, though:]

Oh, I think Fenris knows what I would do if he allowed anything to happen to my baby sister. [There is a big smile on her face as she cheerfully twirls a knife around in her hand.] Like we never left Kirkwall. It'll be fun!

And here I thought it was your ability to stab things until they died.

[Okay, she has a point. He can't argue that one.]

As much as part of me would enjoy seeing the elf filleted on the end of a knife... maybe we should hurry before it comes to that.

Hah. Fun. Right.

[Bethany and Fenris have been looking for Marian all morning--it seems the Hawke sisters think an awful lot alike sometimes. When she finally gets them into her sights, she breaks away from the elf and charges her sister in order to give her a tight hug.]

You're alive! We've been searching everywhere for you!

[Once that's accomplished, she looks up at Anders.]

I didn't realize you were here as well. I know this isn't the time, but I owe you thanks. My sister said that you're the reason I don't end up dead in the near future. So, thank you.

[Marian did not specify how.]

[Fenris follows Bethany over to Hawke and Anders, though he isn't rushing the way she is. He's moving more slowly, eyes scanning the area warily, one hand holding a rather heavy-looking pipe. With his recently regained sword having vanished as quickly as it had arrived, he's had to make do with what he can get again - although the rubble had provided some relatively decent pickings. Really, all he needed was something solid, if not sharp, to hit things with...preferably something that wouldn't break if slammed into someone's skull. He's not amazingly well-armed, but hopefully enough so that he can handle any trouble, provided he sees it coming.

He's also looking - in vain - for Sara. But they hadn't been able to find her back at what remains of their house, and he doubts they're more likely to find her out here in the middle of this apocalyptic wasteland, so there's an unusual undercurrent of sadness to him right now. But it's cut with significant relief when he sees Hawke and, yes, even Anders.]

Do you know what's happened? [It honestly doesn't even occur to him to give Anders a significant look while he asks. Not because he necessarily imagines the man is incapable of such a thing, or even unwilling to do it, but because it would be pointless for him to do such a thing here, where it serves no purpose and doesn't help his cause. Anders does have method to his madness, if nothing else.]

I'd been looking as well - the girl I spoke to said you hadn't gone far, and I ended up running into Anders along the way... Today is my lucky day, it seems.

[Marian returns Bethany's hug, very pointedly looking away as she does so. Today may not be as lucky as she claimed, and more a long string of Hawkeward Moments. :'| But she'll remain cheerful regardless, happy that she's accomplished her three most important goals, at least.]

Mayfield happened, clearly. Beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine. [She shrugs.] I think it's better to ask what our next step ought to be.

[Anders actually sort of double-takes at the Flying Bethany Hug. He didn't really get the chance to know the other Hawke girl all that well before she went off to be a Warden. But hey! She's alive! And a mage! Clearly this is a good thing.]

[Except the 'thanks' throws him again, and he sort of stands there, nodding blankly for a second.]

I'm... It's nothing. You needed help. That's what a healer is meant to do, isn't it?

[YEP just... avoiding the whole TAINT problem.]

We can't just stand around. We're a pair of mages with no magic, an elf with a... metal bit, and Hawke with kitchen knives. We're not particularly at our best.

soooooob, sorry I totally thought I had this thread tracked so I'd know when it was my turn. ;;

[In all fairness, the way the town is leveled like this does hit a chord with Bethany. It's only been a year since the Hawke family fled Lothering, after all. She quickly pulls herself together, getting down to business.]

You're right. We're not in any position to fight, although knowing my sister I'd say she's still plenty dangerous. [There's a smile, but it's fleeting.]

With this much destruction, I half-expect darkspawn to start coming out of the woodwork. Who knows if this town has something similar it can throw at us. I don't know if hiding is the best idea, but it sounds better than standing out in the open like this.

And what then? [Fenris is used to being the voice of harsh reality, and falls into the role now without hesitation. If nothing else, he's been in Mayfield longer than any of the others...though he does only precede Hawke by a few days. And, of course, he's survived on the run for years.] It's true we can hardly fight like this...not at our full strength, to say the least. But how long can we hide? A day, perhaps two without supplies. We do need a defensible position, but without food and water, we can hardly hope to hold one.

We should salvage what we can, while we can. And I have seen other survivors - other scavengers. What little remains will be in high demand, Hawke. The sooner we look, the more there will remain to find.

[The unpleasant implication that they're going to be competing with other residents of Mayfield for supplies - and that there likely won't be enough to go around - is perfectly evident in his remarks, and Fenris is making no effort to hide them...though, mostly for Bethany's sake, he's not trying to spell it out. Bethany's probably the most soft-hearted one in the group, whereas Fenris - and, he suspects, Hawke and Anders - will be prepared to do what is necessary.]

[Sigh. Hawke can't say that she's okay with competing with her fellow captives for supplies - but if that's what she has to do to survive, she'll do it. She can deal with the taste it leaves in her mouth later.]

Scavenging it is, then! There may yet be something salvageable left at the grocer, if we hurry. Water may be easier to find... as for shelter, we'll likely have to wing it. [She grins.] And I doubt we'll be seeing darkspawn any time soon, but we'd best keep our guard up, at any rate. This place is unpredictable, if nothing else.

[He falls silent at the mention of darkspawn, half-wondering if he'd even still be able to sense if any were coming. Maybe.]

I don't sense any darkspawn anywhere nearby. Whether that's because those in charge have taken a Warden's senses, or because there simply aren't any... I can't tell you.

[... And whether he dislikes Fenris' statement because it's Fenris making it, or because of other reasons, he also doesn't know. Probably the former.]

You're suggesting we just leave these people out here? Up against whatever it is that's done this? That we don't even try to do anything for them?

[He looks to Hawke.]

You can't honestly agree with him.

[It's nice to know that Anders and Fenris get along here about as well as they do at home. This kind of dislike runs deep, obviously. While settling the fight is clearly up to her sister--she's always been the de facto leader of the group--Bethany figures she should at least give her input.]

I don't think we should just abandon people we find that need our help, but we're in no shape to do even that if we have nothing to help ourselves. We need food and water and shelter, regardless of what we do with them once we have them.

[There. Way to not really take sides. Well done, Bethany.]

[Fenris' tone makes his irritation clear, and it's directed - as always - primarily toward Anders.] I suggested nothing. But we must provide for ourselves before we can do anything to help anyone, or would you have us beg for supplies from whoever beats us to them?

We cannot help everyone. Whether you approve of that fact or not, it is obvious enough. [He sweeps a hand out to gesture to the landscape.] Do you think enough food remains here to feed even half of Mayfield? Enough water? Noble intentions alone can save no one - certainly not if we need saving ourselves.

Even if you would give up your own food and water to save others, that requires us to have some to give. Spare us your objections until then.

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