◇ VI. (event; erased)

Andraste's flaming sword, even my dog is snubbing me. Acts like he never imprinted on me, the cheeky little bastard.

[The aforementioned dog can be heard growling; he sounds very unhappy, of course.]

Yes, yes, I'm not really your master, I know, I get it. [GROAN.] That's the last time I take my mother's advice.

[Filtered to Kirkwallers]

[For a few seconds, Hawke breathes into the phone like a creepy creeper is silent, unsure of what she wants to say. She already knows that they won't know it's actually her, and as far as she can tell, there's no convincing them otherwise, however tempting it is to try.

And that isn't much comfort at all. She was fine with being forgotten, but not while she was still around - this just hurts.

She sighs wearily.]

It really is me, you know. Just - thought I'd throw that out there.

...I'm sorry. [Annnd click.]

[ACTION; downtown Mayfield]

[Hawke doesn't really have a destination in mind when she leaves the house. She just wants to walk, feel the cold air against her face, and maybe hope that she'll be lucky enough to run into an answer.

Instead, she finds herself standing in front of the pet store, staring at the kittens in the window. She'd intended to get one for Anders, just because, and Christmas seemed like a good enough time for it, cultural differences or no. But there's little point in that now - not when she isn't even certain if he would accept the gift, however adorable it might be.]

...I really hate cats.

[For all her grumbling about it, though, she eventually does walk inside to get a closer look at the kitties.]


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