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◇ IV. (event; backdated to day 6)
bur bur kek
[Like so many other residents of Mayfield, Hawke has also mysteriously returned from the dead! She rises from her coffin, stretches her arms, and yawns.]

Hmm. I suppose I've hard worse nights. Very well, then, I'd better get down to business. [she clears her throat] Raaaaaaah...

[That's right, it's stalking time. B| Her main stops are 725 Anderson Lane and 918 Bilko Boulevard, to check on Anders and Fenris. They or their housemates may find her peeking through the windows, or catch her while she simply lets herself in through the front door. Anyone else, of course, is welcome to bump into her along the way.]

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yeah you'd better believe Fenris wears the pants >|

[Fenris is minding his own business when Hawke comes to his house. This is completely normal, for them; most of Hawke's friends simply mind their own business until Hawke comes along and drags them into whatever mess she's become the catalyst for that day.

But, as he'd seen the headstone yesterday, Hawke's appearance today comes as a significant relief to Fenris - it means she's still alive. Or alive again, he supposes; whichever. He's on his feet and moving a few steps toward her before he even starts to process anything unusual.]
Hawke -

[And then instinct (not to mention eyesight) kicks in, and he stops, eyes narrowing slightly.] ...what are you wearing? [This is the first question that comes to mind, but it's not the only one he's got. Not by a long shot.]

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