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um okay
[A: Action; around town]

[And here Hawke thought her excellent adventures were over! The whole ordeal with the mages and templars had been... well, not exactly resolved, -- but she had done her part and fully intended to drift away and separate herself from all that business.

Waking up in a house that was not her own, next to her favorite dwarven storyteller, in a very, very strange city -- this was not what she'd had in mind.

After waking up next to her bro Varric and being thorougly confused, Hawke eventually comes across one of Dist's pamphlets and... well, that really doesn't help the whole confusion problem. Irritated with this state of affairs, she retrieves a pair of knives from the kitchen and sets about exploring the town in search of some information. She looks highly uncomfortable in her new attire: skirts and blouses, clothing she's not accustomed to wearing. It's clear that she misses her armor greatly.

Approach the lost and confused Champion?]

[B: Phone; Unfiltered]

[There's the sound of someone tapping the receiver... and then, finally, an actual voice, although distant:]

Andraste's ass, what is it this time?

[More tapping, and then a clatter; she's given up on the phone and left it sitting on the table. Sigh.]

Lovely. How are you going to Champion yourself out of this one, Hawke?

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"For starters you can put your mouth closer to the receiver. Its hard to hear you."


[A pause as she picks the phone back up and holds it up to her ear.]

Well, this is new and interesting.

"Its a means of communication through technology."

... You've left the phone off the hook.

So I did. [Now that she's kinda figured out how the phone works, her voice is coming in much more clearly now.] You'll have to forgive me; I'm still getting used to this place, and all its bizarre talking contraptions.

New to this time period, I take it.


We have quite the group now, it would seem...

Fenris. So there are more of us here... I'm not sure if I should be happy about that or not.

Merrill, Isabela, Varric, and the Arishok that I've noticed. None of them mentioned running into you, however. Are there others?

Something the matter hotness?

[just going to... quietly ignore the "hotness" part...]

Oh, no, of course not. I've been abducted, had my blades and armor stolen from me -- why, today is shaping up to be a grand day.

Oh, glad you're having a fucking ball because I sure as hell ain't.

[She sounds more and more relieved with every familiar voice. SUP BELA]

My, my, Fenris wasn't kidding, was he? Quite the party we have here.

[ODD, HAWKE OUGHT TO BE PISSED... she thinks.]

...What? No "why did you pull that stunt, Isabela"? No "you always get me into trouble you noisy wench"? Not even a "get out of my bed and stop touching me there"?

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